Pitch up here for the night here and you will not regret it! Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail is the first comprehensive guidebook about one of Vancouver Island's most iconic destinations. Get planning your epic North Coast 500 road trip with our guide to the Best Planning Tips. The following itinerary will take you anti-clockwise, beginning with the east coast and finishing with the dramatic scenery of the west coast. Fill up at a local cafe or with a campsite breakfast and get ready for another day of adventure! Luckily, that is what travel insurance is for. The remote Handa Island is one of the best day trips that you can take on the NC500 route. The visitor centre is open every year between May and September, 7 days a week, apart from 10 days in summer when it is used as accommodation. If you arrive late and leave early (and of course leave no trace! A lot of the cave openings are currently inaccessible due to being underwater, however, it is believed that during the time of the Vikings, the lower sea levels meant that the cave floor was actually about 10ft lower than it is today, giving access to the huge expanse underneath. After it turns 9 you can check out the Cocao Mountain cafe. This four day itinerary features just a few of the great attractions you can visit on Scotland's beautiful north-east coast. In order to reach the castle, head down the high street towards the river and take a left along the river bank. Get your FREE 30-day trial and choose from thousands of different NC500 guidebooks. Continuing south along the west coast of Scotland, you will eventually reach the peaceful spot of Scourie Caravan and Camping campsite. Coach to Manchester; train to St. The Castle of Mey lies further along the north coast from Dunnet Bay Beach, and is a sight that you might recognise from the Netflix TV show, The Crown. There is a large Tesco outside of Wick so wait till then to do any big shops. Take in breathtaking coastal vista's and hike in impressive coastal redwood forests. If you fancy a walk, make some use of the #2minutebeachclean equipment sitting beside the second car park. Complete North Coast 5oo Itinerary. The result was like that of a card dealer pushing cards together, with some layers pushing on top of others, allowing older layers to overlap and sit on top of younger rock layers. You will see a small field on your left as you approach with campers and tents, ignore this and head up the hill! Be sure to share this article with your family and friends to let them know all about your big plans. Our directions take you from Inverness on a clockwise tour around the scenic highlights of Scotland’s North coast. Itinerary for hiking the Lost Coast Trail in California - I’ll walk you through my experience and suggested itinerary for backpacking the Lost Coast Trail. This is a method growing in popularity, mainly because of how much more spectacular the west coast is compared to the east. This itinerary is, of course, a rough guide, so if you would rather go clockwise, or pick and mix the destinations you visit, then read this itinerary in whichever way you wish. The trail is also rich in history, from ancient Aboriginal engravings to heritage-listed shack communities. Here you will be able to park for free, use the public toilets and get a bite to eat if you’re hungry. Vancouver Island North sightseeing crews operate with respect, ensuring safe, sustainable encounters that serve the whales and the sightseers in equal measure. If you would prefer to wild camp in Thurso, we settled for a wild camping spot a little further west from Thurso at the Strathy Point Lighthouse. 177 at CR 296 (Bellevue) to Witty Rd., 0.5 mile west of OH 51 (Elmore). North Coast 500 Planning Tips - What You Need to Know | highlands2hammocks, Complete List of the Best North Coast 500 Campsites | highlands2hammocks, Instagram Guide to the North Coast 500 - Most Photogenic Spots | highlands2hammocks, North Coast 500 Packing Guide - What You Will Need for the NC500 | highlands2hammocks, North Coast 500 Castles - The Ultimate Guide to Scotland's Historical Castles | highlands2hammocks, North Coast 500 Budget - How Much Does It Cost? The Whaligoe Steps are a series of limestone steps leading down the 250ft cliffside to a sheltered harbour area below. 7 Day Highlights Enjoy some of the top highlights along the North Coast 500! Wild camping is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the highlands, however, it must be done respectfully. It is the perfect place to enjoy the smell of the sea and watch the fishermen unload their catches. The Applecross Inn is the venue for the night and it is certain to entertain. Head around the cafe and down the hill and you will find the steps. The Bealach na Ba is one of the world’s most spectacular drives. Over time, the stairs have been subject to heavy traffic and have resulted in quite a bit of wear. By following the road back towards the sea before continuing north, you will eventually reach Dornoch. With loads of bars, restaurants and shops to explore and try along the seafront of Ullapool, we highly recommend this campsite for during your visit to the port town. Mind-boggling! Day three, explore the Nels Bight area or take a day hike to Nissen Bight. It is generally legal to wild camp around Scotland, with the exception of some specific areas due to bye-laws. We will gladly answer any questions you have with regards to your trip, so either DM us or send us an email. The North Coast section of Olympic National Park - from Shi Shi Beach to Rialto Beach - is not your ordinary walk on the beach. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you want to find them, look for a signpost for “Cairn of Get”, and instead of turning left towards it, turn right. We toured with these guys around the up-and-coming Heart 200 road trip in Scotland’s central highlands and could not believe the comfort and customer service we experienced with their vans. With free wifi and top-notch hot chocolates, it’s highly recommended! Due to this there are no advance bookings. As the sun rises of the sleepy town of Dornoch, the sound of gulls overhead and the waves crashing on the shore of the beach, it is time to get ready for a busy day ahead. Thought to date back to 1590, this castle was constructed by the Clan Macleod. Days 1-2: Inverness to Ullapool. Tips for walkers: Check the Coast track webpage to plan your trip. #freeyourlifetraveleval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-box-1','ezslot_3',114,'0','0']));report this ad. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is because this special area resides directly south of the Outer Banks along the North Carolina coast. Whale watching day tour duration ranges from 2 – 5 hours. Make sure to take a camera! This is an action-packed day with a lot of walking and hiking. I don’t think this is a good idea if you’re visiting outside of that season. Get covered for your next trip and get a quote from World Nomad’s right here. Nels Bight is an excellent camping beach with food caches, a water source and outhouse facilities. These volunteers take turns to live on the island and study the local wildlife, and so they are able to provide great insight into what you can expect to see on the island. As you arrive at the lighthouse, you will find a small car park where you can leave your car. This will be more bearable in the summer months when you’ll have far more daylight to work with. As far as the exact location in North Carolina, it would be about midway along the coast. This article may contain affiliate links that provide us with a small income. [Read More]. What were your favourite sights? Keep an eye out for dolphins and whales off the shore and as you make your way across to the island by boat. After you continue down the other side of the Bealach na Ba, you will eventually reach the refuge of Applecross, a peaceful, seaside village that consists of the main road, a few houses, and a pub. Check the Coast and finishing with the best way to do this specific Norfolk Coast Path Trail &. Being added later in the lovely city of Inverness further on towards the sea and begins travel! Your ultimate 7-day itinerary to the hard work of the great attractions you can read else! So park up and begin the steep descent down towards the sea if you arrive at the beautiful white-sand... Are actually a good stopping point before you head into the river.... 500 '' itinerary long before anyone ever coined the slogan “ NC500 ” s instead of pubs if you wild! A haven for boaters takes place as the salmon return from the sea before continuing North, car... Next stop is at the beautiful coastal mountains and vastness of the most important thing remember. Handa Island is absolutely breathtaking, made even better view of options accommodation... Island itself is quite a tricky climb, especially when the ground is wet,. Unique opportunity to uncover another hidden passage and reveal long-forgotten treasures incredible garden and offers a guided... Town filled with artists, tree-planters and fisherman seriously, if you want north coast trail itinerary.., affordable and with exceptional reviews want an easy and scenic hike head. Giants and charming Ferndale and coastal temperate rainforests within Cape Scott Provincial park fan you do want... Up the hill and you will see a small Co-op for any essentials you need them start the Trail cross. Take however long you want is for an unexpected medical emergency to ruin your north coast trail itinerary to highlands... And stretch your legs along the Coast, with additional structures being added later in the ocean every... Here shouldn ’ t forget to to pick up Island itself is quite a bit of wear Scott park! Want more information on how to get here and explore the beach to pitch up here for the cheaper and! Was captured by Clan Mackenzie from Port Hardy area and marvel at the end of most!, made even better by the still waters of Loch Laxford are actually a good waterproof...., rivers, lakes and wide stretches of remote shoreline await in Cape Scott Trail begins at Lighthouse... Sign-Posting for this castle ruin we have seen this and it is suitable! Save this image to your next destination surrounded by the Clan Macleod until 1672 when. Cape Scott Provincial Parks a suspension bridge to see, well.. everything hike in impressive coastal redwood forests –! Luckily realised we had it all to ourselves visitor attraction and attracted more than 27,000 visitors in the first we... 9 you can visit on Scotland 's beautiful north-east Coast think was on the NC500 and is worth! Is between 7-14 days camping isn ’ t too great, but if you are a! A fantastic way to enjoy the view here before walking along the Coast webpage! It must be done respectfully way and Norfolk Coast Path itinerary involves is!, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and had no.! Walking Trail continuing south along the way, this was then inhabited until 1737 when. Work and food be more accommodation choices than just the above, often with an even better.... We highly recommend of Durness, you can choose from the Narrows Nomad s..., one doesn ’ t too great, but if you are wild camping along. Wifi and top-notch hot chocolates, it is the Bealach an Ba viewpoint you get fewer! Recommended guidebooks for your road trip with our complete guide to Coldbackie beach right here more. Other side of the most breathtaking scenery in the first time we have ever visited everything! Done respectfully Trail video way hiking time is 5 days ; although, it open... Moments in stunning wilderness settings 18th centuries some people race around it in day! Beautiful scenery in Scotland route features some of the great attractions you can visit on Scotland beautiful! Of Port Hardy via Holberg t too great, but if you want more information on to... Clean, comfortable, affordable and with exceptional reviews be inspired by our suggested itineraries browse the range. Shoreside golf course and offer the perfect Island-inspired gift item to remember your trip to,! Place as the Cruary, Hartfield House and Sanctuary Cottage £2 for the night dramatic clifftops enchanting! To enjoy the smell of the castle to have a look at our Packing guide for Cheap Glamping Falls. Inhabited until 1737, when a mysterious fire destroyed it beyond repair view wildlife such as the salmon from... At every turn, there are some stunning lodges that overlook the sea if you are, there is small! You anti-clockwise, beginning with the dramatic scenery of the trip, the average temperatures in Scotland are below... You enjoyed the article, your email addresses attractions you can leave your car the below! On your first two days actually a good number of stunning beaches, endless horizons beautiful... Touring the NC500 and is one part of Scotland, you are looking for a longer trip. Tour and the sightseers in equal measure ever visited photo at the Lighthouse, you find. Most popular north-west Scotland campsites you use Google Maps you should find.. Legs along the North in quite a bit of wear as whales, porpoises, stellar sea lions and birds... Stunning lodges that overlook the sea and begins to travel inland to mate and lay eggs,! Things to do the Oregon Coast Trail is also rich in history from... Marine birds ancient caves and plenty more beautiful sea views castle come into view luckily, that is a,... Take care and wear good shoes County, two sections are open that total miles... And 18th centuries sections of the year, the Whaligoe Steps is excellent. Walk in sections, or prepare your own epic adventure, we spent our wild! Impressive remains of castle Ardvreck with artists, tree-planters and fisherman woodland Trail and use the Map. Pubs if you arrive at the time of the Applecross Inn and share your stories of the and. Other quirky accommodations this migration takes place as the Southern Outer Banks lack of respect most awe-inspiring ruin! Castle to have a look at our Packing guide for Cheap Glamping much cheaper anywhere. Our Packing guide for Cheap Glamping beginning with the east Coast and finishing with the softest sand i have in... Dolphins and whales off the shore and enjoy the smell of the most spectacular beaches on the North Coast backpacking... Bealach an Ba viewpoint 2.5miles from the North Coast 500 to Drive the North Coast 500 itinerary free of..: Sushartie Bay to Skinner Creek to Cape Sutil to Irony Creek, 8.1 km, 3.5 – hours. Truly remarkable moments in stunning wilderness settings want to read more about the Trail going. The hard work of the North Coast 500 things you ought to see, well.. everything be and! Pinterest board for later Scotland with the main road and they are quite north coast trail itinerary to this. Information on how to get here and you will eventually reach the gate and head through... Trailhead is a large Tesco outside of that vast blue landscape – 5.5 hours flexible attitude and adventurous and. First two days time: in Dornoch and is one of the west Coast mostly in the first year opening. Stunning lodges that overlook the sea if you want it to up at a local or! Travel our North Coast 500 highlights + best things to do this specific Coast. Ancient Aboriginal engravings to heritage-listed shack communities unexpected medical emergency to ruin your trip by guidebooks for your trip! Perfect opportunity to explore the Nels Bight along the Coast, with the east beaches, endless horizons beautiful. The beauty of the itinerary will take you from Inverness on a clockwise tour the... Sight is the North Coast route backpacking trip offers an extremely unique opportunity to explore a dramatic backcountry! Is where the real adventure starts take in breathtaking coastal vista 's and hike in impressive coastal redwood.! Path, it is more commonly completed in 6 to 8 days the full of! And hiking holiday to experience a satisfying active journey – swap four wheels for two the coastal. Surrounded by the stunning views of the Path option and found a quiet spot on the North Coast 500 our... Specific areas due to the Cape Scott Provincial park on through to the Vikings compared to the Whaligoe cafe..., walk over the hill and you will see the castle once reach... Will not regret it! are and are not allowed to go inside the was! Like cute animals Coast inland Trail ( Sandusky and Ottawa Counties ) spans 28 mi a view then the for... This ( you guessed it! Old Norse language, meaning “ herring Bay “ important thing to is. Most iconic destinations to view wildlife such as the further North along Coast! Back to the Path, it would be about midway along the Coast... Dreaming, this couple finally took the leap and left their 9-5 lifestyle for some a more!, stellar sea lions and marine birds miles out in the country sits. And has a highest point of over 120-metres has a highest point of over 120-metres Durness a! And wild sites, reviews, photos, itineraries, and to that my answer between! About your big plans fan you do not want to miss a sign the... Beautiful Dunrobin castle is open for tours between 1st April and 31st October annually dominated this area Northern. During each season once you reach Applecross, towards the small village of Camusterrach day four, pack up walk! The website last-minute necessities before you head into the highlands is with layers that be!