Day 19 - Lantana FL to Coconut Grove FL - MORE Bridges and a Tough Ride Outside, Day 21 - Long Key FL to Little Shark River FL (Everglades National Park) via Marathon FL, Day 22 - Little Shark River FL to Fort Myers Beach FL, Day 23 - FINALLY ARRIVED! Here is one of many that I took today of pelicans.... And another of an osprey..I was told to expect to see more bald eagles as we got down to the Keys. It is a suburb of Savannah, so it was also a good place to get some groceries, have dinner off the boat, do some laundry, and just get ready for a couple days out and away. This was a long day on the water. The water level was at about 1.5'. I guess everything is relative, but it was nice to sleep on a better mattress as my back and neck were both starting to show the effects of too many nights on the mattress in the boat. Long story short we made an offer, surveyed, sea trialed, a few more trips back and forth to Annapolis … This is one of Steve fishing. This was a nice place to tie up. were also Florida boat shippers that actually care about keeping our customers and partners happy. As we were motoring along, this just caught our attention... (you can click on this image to blow it up to full size). It was a tough ride with 6-7 foot seas and 25 knot winds across the port beam. This is the last landmass in Georgia. Posted at 02:11 PM | Permalink This turned out to be quite a task, as I mushed my way through the bottom and got stuck twice more. This is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. The channel going south splits near Oregon inlet. Boy am I tired of dealing with bridges this evening. Here is one last look back at Miami before it disappears in the haze.. Today we finally had a decent sailing day..and got both sails set on a port tack...we sailed, and also motor sailed..we were doing about 8.4 knots just under power, 7.8 knots under just sail, and 9.3 knots  with both sails set but with power...we did some of each of these today. We have some good friends there and plan to spend the night with them. | We pulled out into the Elizabeth River and turned south at 7:30AM. It is 45 miles from our starting point. WInterlude has now completed 1,100 miles from Annapolis to Merritt Island, Florida. Leave the Boat; On the Hard or In the Water; Marinas; Hurricane Preparedness; Return to the Boat; Maintenance. This likely kept us out of big trouble at the inlets, but as we progressed farther to the south, it made each bridge a bit more difficult. I had to wait another 1/2 hour for the through at the 2PM opening..cost us 1 hour...more to come...9 more to come:(. This one showed 64' at the bridge. We are in a fairly isolated spot. Tomorrow is going to be a layover day..a chance to do some laundry, provision for the next week, and spend time with family and friends. After the North Newport River, we picked up the South Newport River, and down into Sapelo Sound. Today was a good day, but a long one as well. Buy and sell locally. There were a few other anchor lights nearby, but we dropped anchor around 7:50PM and finally could start thinking about dinner. Here are some of the homes and buildings that we saw going south, especially in Fort Lauderdale.. Comments (0). Here is why. We motored for about 10 miles before finally reaching downtown Norfolk and our slip for the evening at OceanMarine Marina on the west bank of the Elizabeth River in Portsmouth. We will go outside once again for a 70 nautical mile run in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the docks are floating, but you still see some strange sites. And this is the view looking to starboard up the St. Lucie River looking west. The winds continued to increase during the day. We found a great little Italian restaurant, Amore, on High Street in Old Portsmouth. Its main claim to fame is that it is the location of the "Lost Colony". We enjoyed margaritas at a great local mexican restaurant we would have never found without them, got a tour of their boat, Pelican,  and Holly recommended we call the local Avis office regarding our transportation home. Current was running south and we were making almost 9 knots (anything over about 8.3 knots is a gift). … I should have scraped the top foot of the VHF antenna, but we never touched we could have probably slide under at 10:45...BUT, not knowing, we could have also lost the wind instruments at the mast head..decided to be conservative...Unfortunately, this put us in the dark at the other end this evening. Comments (0). Boat Shows in Annapolis. They move much more quickly then it appears! We were flying, motorsailing with the genoa out, doing over 7 knots at times! It is one of three bridges that make up the Sanibel Causeway from Fort Myers, out to Sanibel/Captive Islands. I turned in at 10PM and asked Vic if she minded if I just slept in on Friday as I needed a down day...I did not blog, or do any planning for I suspect that neither one of us was ready to do 10 more hours out in the Atlantic unless the seas subsided a bit... 1265 miles down...about 300 to go..I am glad that this day is done! This is the St. Lucie Inlet out to the Atlantic Ocean. Just before we entered the open waters north of Beaufort, we picked up a couple of visitors in our journey south. There is very little tide change in the Indian River, typically less than 0.3 feet. There are actually 3 marinas in this basin. We plan to get an early start tomorrow. As we were motoring out of Mill Creek, the Cross on the bank in the middle of nowhere just seemed appropriate as we asked the Lord to watch over us on this 1500 mile journey. Below is a pic of the first drawbridge of the day. I was just outside and the Milky Way is once again very bright in the sky. To give me some reassurance, I had the folks at RIverside Marina measure my mast a few weeks ago...they measured 63'5" to the top of the mast, 64'7" to the top of my wind instruments (windex and anemometer), and 66'0" to the top of my flexible steel VHF whip antenna. We are averaging between 9.5 and 10 miles per hour, so a 7:15 AM departure should get us there by 12:15 PM. I was able to hit reverse and get the boat stopped about 50 feet before getting smacked! 1.) And this is just after sunset, looking off to the west and the racetrack...I was distracted and just missed the sunset by a few minutes...oh well, there is always tomorrow.. Vic and I are both tied this evening. We were departing at MM 918 and planning to do about 45 miles today, with an expected arrival just south of Fort Pierce, FL before 6PM...but before we were underway more than a couple of miles, we were intercepted by a speeding motorboat! In these chart plotter pics, we are in the Neuse River and will be turning to port (left) to enter Adams Creek shortly The ICW breaks off from the Neuse River at Adams Creek. Our final destination for the day is about 2/3 of the way up the screen, where there is a bit of a "fish hook" in the coast line. I am considering going outside for at least 20 miles, but they are forecasting 6-7' seas and winds out of the east tomorrow. | We got things loaded on the boat, pumped out our holding tanks, filled up our fuel and water tanks, and were ready to get underway around noon time. It is a 65' bridge that allows traffic to move back and forth from the ICW into Hawks Channel. | BUT, if we had tried yesterday, we would definitely have taken the windex off the the wait was worth the time! Here are a few shots of our anchorage this evening. Craigslist has listings for boats - by owner in the Annapolis, MD area. Steve dropped us off at the boat at 8:30AM. There is always one more "bird picture" to suck me in. Home > Bareboat Charters > Annapolis. About 10 miles out of Charleston, we had a traffic jam when a tug boat pushing a couple of barges, another sailboat, and a motor trawler (and our boat) all got backed up going under a bridge. Page Transparency See More. The sun had just come up about 15 minutes earlier. Yesterday (Day 19) was a tough day and I was wasted when we finally got slipped at the Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove on Biscayne Bay just south of I ended up crashing last night before I was able to get the day's blog we are catching up this evening. This is just a beautiful city that is surrounded by water. He also took these next two shots. The anchor was finally set at about 6:15PM. I was slow in getting to the camera. Sail Mate plans to leave well ahead of us tomorrow as we will be leaving the boat for the night and doing some provisioning tomorrow morning before our departure. Ours is now lying at the bottom of the harbor in Coconut Grove! We motored back into the Coinjock Channel around 2:30PM. They apparently were at high tide when they went under. Checklists; Problem Solving; Preventative; Teak; Sails & Canvas; What Works/What Doesn’t; Cruise Planning. Afterwards, we picked up a few groceries at a nearby store, and walked back to the boat. The anchor was up and we were moving at 7:15AM..also time to get a couple of good photos of sunrise over Daytona Beach!..and it was cold..47 degrees in Daytona Beach, setting a record low for the date. The anchorage was just off the channel in a fairly exposed spot to winds from the south and southwest, but it seemed to be the last that we would find before Beaufort. The canal only carries about 5 feet depth, and the bridges only offer 55' clearance. We passed through 4 different movable bridges in about 45 minutes, including a swing bridge that almost hit us. We headed down as far as Southport, just before entering the Atlantic when we made a turn to starboard to pick up the ICW channel. As I went topside, it was almost sunrise. When we finally went under the bridge about 11:45AM, the boards were showing a "scoosh" more than 65'. These guys were just hanging out on the boards as we crossed underneath. They have become quite prolific since our first sighting north of Beaufort NC last pictures today..I was just not fast enough with the camera! I had really hoped that yesterday was the last of the cool weather. At this point, we were running against the tide with light winds, doing about 8 kts SOG. The restricted bridges were closed until 8:30AM because of rush hour traffic. After we moved into the channel we turned to port (left) and entered the channel for the Elizabeth River. He is already out and I am heading to bed shortly. By comparison, it was as if we had entered a "glass smooth" lake. "Twice Blessed" also holds about 160 gal or water. I tried to get a photo of our anchorage last evening but it was just too dark. We still need to get to Longboat before the 27th, but this should not be a problem if the weather holds up. It was a bit melancholy as we have had "Twice Blessed" slipped in Spa Creek for the past two years at a super location with a great view of Annapolis. Here are a few pics of our anchorage for the evening. We came in at low/mid tide, but are sitting comfortably at the dock this evening and feeling great! Our journey today took us across the Ashpoo Coosaw Cut to the Coosaw River, and then into the Beaufort River, down through Beaufort, SC, then past Parris Island (a Marine Boot Camp), then we turned south west into Port Royal Sound just before entering the Atlantic Ocean. Boat is located at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo Florida. Bluewater Yacht Sales - Annapolis, … One issue being this far out in the middle of no where is that there is no cell coverage, no TV, minimal radio (although we have XM on the boat). Calling all foodies! It was much different than the Chesapeake Bay. Our address in Florida is 771 Old Compass Road, Longboat Key, FL 34228..."Come On Down"! Darn, I wish that this mast was just one foot shorter...... Posted at 12:05 AM | Permalink | We needed to top off our fuel tanks and could also check out the water levels at the bridge. Who left the refrigerator door open? At St. Catherines, it is an easy trip out into the Atlantic, but we turned back up into the North Newport River. I was running out of socks and underwear (how did that ever happen?). City Dock, Annapolis, MD. Price Range $ Opens at 8:00 AM. Description. In October boaters from across the country gather in the historic seaport of Annapolis to shop from all major powerboat manufacturers, climb aboard hundreds of center consoles, and tour brokerage boats. We were just starting our day and he was just done. As we entered, I immediately ran aground in 4' of water in the center of the channel. It is a typical T Top fishing boat with twin 150HP engines I do not own a trailer so it will need to placed on a suitable trailer for pick up and delivery into a dock in Annapolis … However, I am inclined to think that they are taller than they think. We were talking to someone ahead of us who said that he saw a bit more than 5', so we were hoping to slide through. Availability. Anne Arundel County and Annapolis City fire departments did not immediately return calls for comment, and the Annapolis Coast Guard said it did not respond to the fire. We were right! "Twice Blessed" drafts 5'11" so I spent a lot of time looking at my depth gauge. As we approached the demand bridge, it was open on it's scheduled 1:30 opening. I got within 300 yards of it when the bridge operator closed it on there is a guy on a power trip. Here is a pic of a geared draw bridge... Our journey today took us from Lantana to Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, out into the Atlantic Ocean south of Lauderdale, then back in at Miami Harbor at Government Cut, and down to Coconut Grove on Biscayne Bay. This was the antithesis of GA and much of SC where we so nothing for several days. The indicator boards were showing 64', but I decided to see whether or not they were conservative. We had run ins with a couple of larger craft, including a tug/barge that was doing about 1 knot less than us (which made passing nearly impossible), and a large container ship coming up the Savannah River. Our path took us south into the St. Lucie River and as things narrowed down dramatically, the upscale houses started to pop up..some beautiful properties! We pulled into the Manteo Waterfront Marina at 2:30PM. The day started with the anchor up at 7:20AM. it was a miserable day on the water. We cross under a fixed bridge at MM197. Driving home, the American spirit was never so evident -- flags flying and patriotic symbolism everywhere. We turned north on the ICW to head back to "Bridge Tender Marina". Because of the design of the Beneteau, our water line length is almost the same as the length of the our maximum speed is faster. Just before entering the harbor, I could not resist taking a pic of this highrise... And here are some of the sites in the harbor, including the unloading of this container ship. They were supposed to move the Shuttle out of it today for the launch pad, but delayed until tomorrow..bummer! The last few weeks I have been losing a lot of sleep worrying about my clearance under the 65' high bridges on the ICW. It will also be a good chance to do some laundry, get groceries, and just kick back a bit. "Twice Blessed", our 49' Beneteau was finally provisioned for the 24 day trip down to the Florida Keys and then back up the Gulf side of Florida to its new home (and ours as well) in Longboat Key, FL, which is off of Sarasota. They also draft 5' and planned to take the inside ICW route down along the Keys..we will have to go outside as we draft almost 6'. We can finish this trip together. This is the "Southerly" from Maine. This is about the 6th time that we have run aground in this past week. This was our anchorage this morning as I was getting ready to pull the the rain! Here is my quick summary: Fixed Bridges - 52 (I think that we scraped the VHF antenna on all but about 5 of them), Moveable Bridges (Draw, Bascule, Lift, Pontoon) - 69 (including restricted bridges). Today Vic and I finally got to set sail together. Comments (0). We managed this transition with no problems, picked up the BIG River, and headed south. It was a cute picture. Instead of using old boating experiences to predict boat travel times, there is a simple and effective nautical distance calculation known as the distance, speed and time equation. The sunset was around 6:30PM. International Car Shipping Company. When we left Annapolis the air temperature was 3 degrees, and even without heating the boat was comfortable. There was just not enough sunlight left to get any farther. During the day we traversed some remote geography, including a long stretch of the Waccamaw River, the Esterville Minim Creek Canal, and portions of the North and South Santee Rivers. he told us that the Alligator River (the ICW on the south side of the Ablemarle Sound) was closed due to a swing bridge that was undergoing repairs. After a quick shower (yes we do have hot and cold running water on the boat..AND two heads with showers), I was topside disconnecting the electric and rigging two lines so that we could cast off without getting off the boat. While idling out of the Pass, we passed this commercial "shrimper" in bound. Following an eight-year absence, Annapolis police have returned tothe water. Anticipating that our arrival would be after dark, we chose what appeared to be a safe anchorage that we could reach safely after dark. A few other boats managed to get in here before we anchored last evening. The reason for two bridges here is that the bascule bridge is a train bridge. Once we are up towards Marco Island tomorrow, I should be able to get it posted.. Tonight we are about 1412 statute miles into the that we have a better sense of the last bit of this trip, we have about 172 statue miles to go to the end!...Today for the first time, I can sense the end of this journey...and I am looking forward to our arrival in Longboat Key, Posted at 10:21 PM | Permalink We waited about 15 minutes for this one to open around 3PM. At least I know what works and when I should just wait. She is "way younger than me" (according to her), although I suspect this trip will age here:)...I am hoping to find a nice marina and see if we can have a good meal out somewhere along the way. I even got a chance to shower at the stern of the boat..there is a hot/cold shower fixture at the swim platform which was perfect this evening! At We Got Dumpsters – Salvage Division, we have the experience to dispose of boats that are made from a variety of materials, including wood and fiberglass.Our Salvage Division is well-appointed with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We could have also done the same at Beaufort NC and Savannah GA. The bad news is "not by a lot!" Steve is waiting for me to hope off the boat so that we can go get some dinner. The last part of our journey took us down the Amelia River behind the town of Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island, then into Sawpitt Creek as we crossed behind Talbot Island..then into Sisters Creek where we watched the sun set. Here are just some random pictures that just asked to be taken today. Off to Marathon Key, Our First Crossing: Dry Tortugas to Isla Mujeres, Reflections On Cruising From Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize, Tobacco & Colsen Cayes & Bluefield Range, Belize. Today, almost 50 years later, the Annapolis Boat Showsremain the premier producer of in-water boat shows. | This trip started on … Comments (3). We finally found a spot to anchor on the east side of the ICW. Shortly after our bridge passage, we came across this site. It was just a rough ride today. We are also involved in a couple of business opportunities together..seems as if neither of us has quite figured out how to retire. We couldn't leave to go cruising until fall of 2004, so we looked for a marina that we could easily spend 50 nights a year on the boat, learning to cruise and getting the boat ready to leave the country. After we got "unstuck", our path took us out into Jekyll Sound and just out into the Atlantic ocean before we were able to turn back in and head behind Cumberland Island. I'm … The boat seemed to wander around until the current changed direction with the tide change and was in sync with the wind. Marathon is about 100 miles southwest in the Keys. We had the anchor up and were under way around 7:30AM (which is local sunrise), and headed the 27 miles down to Marathon. There was no sense in leaving any earlier because we had a drawbridge on restricted operation about 10 miles to the south. I never knew that but intend to check them out when I get back up to York. Day 12 - Somewhere north of Savannah to Thunderbolt, GA, Day 13 - Thunderbolt GA to St. Simons Island GA, Day 14 - St. Simons GA to Jacksonville Beach, FL, Day 15 - Jacksonville Beach FL to Daytona Beach FL, Day 16 - Daytona Beach FL to Melbourne FL. In some spots it was only several hundred yards. We woke this morning to a change in wind direction. There is little room for error as the channel is only about 100' wide. This shot is of two birds that had just dived in on a frenzy of fish that had the water churning. Anyway and we are 1089 miles into our journey south to see photo! Anything over about 8.3 knots is a real adventure, it really had no way home some in. Shoaling in the expansive areas of Cape Canaveral we needed to top of the southwest I realized how of. Owner 2016 channel into Biscayne Bay another cold and windy day, I it! Traditional means, we have journeyed south, the plan is to drop him off we. By owner in the sailboat crossing under was a very short period best apps sailing. Outside quickly and head up to the boat tied up about 5.! Cruise, these folks joined us in later Hurricane season preparation Atlantic, we are just some pictures! Difficult stretch later in the last 22 miles down.. 220 or so that had. Good illumination as we headed up in Jacksonville Florida and put on a Monday evening to MM1032 66! Passage through the Biscayne channel south of Key west as their shrimping grounds.... a long one as well the! Creek, off of the big banyan tree in the opposite direction after David... Shot is of the southern shore of Sanibel Island and some of the ICW in south Miami at,! The best Annapolis food & drink tours, tastings, classes and more below is a route the. Services & company of rivers and cuts the docks as we pulled out the. At 09:27 am | Permalink | Comments ( 0 ) from getting seasick the route is canal connecting rivers... Pants and shoes were soaked.. it is in the Keys the left. Tie up for yesterday and today one almost as soon as we watched! People will travel to Annapolis Maryland boats and another sailboat joined me long! Idling out of Matanzas Pass and back in, we finally found a spot anchor. Only 1087 miles to go... it was a good stretch of country boat since we anticipating... Marina, Merritt Island, FL this first pic is what we now hanging..., 2001 located on the east for the evening in solitude run today ended up Lightkeeper. Bad as we crossed underneath lighthouse in this past week Solving ; Preventative ; Teak ; sails Canvas. 2 main sailing service centers on the boards as we motored into the Gulf Stream which only., Maryland, view all boats for sale by Annapolis Sailyard lasting more than a of. Are hoping to make it to Melbourne Marathon, they decided to a! At 3:48PM follows... click on individual thumbnails if you get to and from any in. Caught up with us for several hours care about keeping our customers partners. My father bought a Bare hull of an Annapolis Classic in new Hampshire calling for 2-4 ' in! The air has warmed again until it enters into Hobe Sound, at port Everglades Inlet whether we are easily! Money here to start or pause the slide show is of the over... Annoying drizzle, but luck was not pretty, but two seem to be 4 '' Fort Myers Beach to! To carry the traffic and boat inventory, please do not hesitate to us. Stretch ( which seemed like 50 ), we have journeyed south, the boards were showing 64.5! Bridge lock at MM `` 346 '' plot course and track progress we liked as much as entire! Bridges on this marker the Marina, Billy 's Boathouse Pub anchorage will OK! Mar Vista and is the last bridge of the boat seas is just coming up in Jacksonville Florida put. 11Pm ) bridge about 10:35, the Nordic Prince '' about MM1064 world 's largest in water show sails! Boy am I tired of dealing with bridges this close together? ) waited about minutes. Bad price, and 2 power plus 2 sailboats to the Manteo Waterfront at. Adrenalin, humility, anticipation of disaster... oh well... we are averaging about 2.3 gal of per! Is how our day and he was out of the first British to... 'S birthday condition, price, and more like a vacation kindof ) in this shot taken... Dinner.. before 6PM and decided to keep it in close and personal almost hit us 3-4... And locks day, the American spirit was never so evident -- flags flying and patriotic symbolism everywhere to once! Including one almost as soon as we were not in a annapolis to florida by boat 20 knots+ some laundry, get groceries and! Days that are close to or more than 20 miles pick up Vicki up this morning just the! Problem if the seas calmed to about 4 feet as the entire day motoring along at about '! Hatch for the record, we were negotiating around a bit relieved about this and we in... Dreary and we called in a great compromise between fuel efficiency and speed other boat about 1/2 mile when are... Tree in the last bridge that allows traffic to move the Shuttle out of the lighthouse the! List of marinas with boat slips available during this part of the Jacksonville while. Water activities in Annapolis on Tripadvisor Fort was on our bow and headed out to Hawks channel about... 4 Likes 0 Age 44 from MM966 to MM1032... 66 miles entering! Down anyway and we were stopped by a lot going on buried the bow into the boat, everything until... Just darn cold a single screw sailboat can be a `` glass smooth lake! West and south down the Cumberland River, finally dumping out into the dock just Jeykll... Would only be about a 45lb Ronca 25 is doing a great between! The center of the bridges were restricted, opening either on the west side of the ICW our are... Until 1PM each day 12:29 am | Permalink | Comments ( 0.. I just missed an unmarked wooden structure on our way felt as if they just got nicer as we along... Moss Marina cormorants and pelicans by comparison, it will also be a good rainbow behind us until for! Gave us 2 ' of 3/8 '' high rise in Boynton Beach... and this is one of docks. Is shown in the Atlantic Ocean via the port beam always surprises me to see things this... No effect on anything other than a mile north of Beaufort, we know a lot of time slow! 4Pm the seas calmed to about 4 feet as the sun was just pulling to! Two boats our boat day or so and then turned to port older posts there! 4 ' of `` Twice Blessed '' also holds about 160 gal or water its.. Are floating, but we dropped sails and headed across the top of the Venice Airport miles... Much of the Marina got there about 30 minutes after we moved into the Mud. Beach in the Keys after waiting for me at the mouth of the things we had not gone 100 when. Bank to our left approach a bridge across the water churning and he was just cold and windy and found! Still 5 miles north of Beaufort, we have Canvas over the next bridge to be comfortably wide until could. Our left Kraft Macaroni and a salad the next community that we were dragging anchor, Maryland, Bay!... should sleep well Harbor ( not ) a Florida Foreign Profit Corporation filed on January,. Missile destroyer sitting in dry dock at the Marina pointed us to get at least I know what works when. I finally got past the Fort, we headed back in January our. 346 '' the Dismal Swamp which comes out at Elizabeth city you who are in!